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Bread Mixes

We believe in the healing power of natural whole foods so you can eat better and live better!


We provide you with a base mix so that you can tailor your baking to your way of eating because we know that everyone is unique and you deserve control over what you eat.



What we do NOT use:

  • Sweeteners - natural or otherwise

  • Preservatives, colours or flavours

  • Cheap starchy fillers

  • Soy, Corn, Rice, pseudo grains such as quinoa, rye, oats, sorghum

  • Dairy


What we DO use:


  • Nuts and seeds (activated and organic where stated)

  • Organic Coconut

  • Grain-free baking powder

  • Organic Spices


Goodness Mix

Grain free bread made at home

Juggling time to make nutritious food while fulfilling your commitments can be tricky or downright tough depending on your life situation. That's why we have done the hard work for you so that you can have the pleasure of freshly baked bread without all the hassle. Our latte mixes have been formulated to give you the best ingredients to help your body inside and out, in summer and in winter.


Our mixes are truly grain-free and gluten free because we have kept away from even things like rice, soy, lupin, quinoa and corn starches which are traditionally used in other gluten free bread mixes. It goes without saying that we have no nasty ingredients in any of our products.


It's very filling, so you only eat a small amount but that small amount has a very high nutrient content.


We strive to source our ingredients from local farmers and suppliers so that you get the best quality nutrient dense product while supporting local farmers in our community.


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