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The Goodness Mix Story

Hi, I am Jinji. Founder of Simply Well Fed and creator of the Goodness Mixes.


I am a passionate foodie who absolutely loves being in the kitchen. The goodness mix range was born out of the need to help restore my baby daughter's health and my belief, deep in my heart, that the key to her health was linking food with her body's innate healing ability.


Fast forward 12 years, I have a beautiful, active, healthy child and have witnessed a surprising ripple effect of health that touched not just myself but each of my family members. As a result, I have an unwavering drive to make life better using food - for myself, for my family and now for everyone around me.


Jinji Dissanayake creator of Goodness mix

I truly believe that taking responsibility for your own health can lead to amazing results and it can empower you to lead a life that is beyond limits.


When we don't have health, nothing else matters. As a mum, I wanted to do everything in my power to help my child know what being healthy is.


I spent several years developing my products in my own kitchen with a willing and eager family ready to sample anything that landed on their plate. At the same time, I became an Accredited Wellness & Nutrition Coach and Accredited Bioenergetic practitioner with a fast growing practise in Melbourne. I am also one of the very few accredited postural alignment specialist in Australia using the Egoscue Method.


I invite you to sample my products and allow them to bring you closer to your own wellness goals. Whether you are a seasoned cook or just beginning in the kitchen you will feel like a rock star when you see your loaves ready to be eaten!


I serve you with love and compassion.



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