Great for athletes and those wanting a higher protein bread that is from wholefoods instead of the added protein in other mixes on the market. The taste is nutty and miost (not crumbly and dry) Its a Fully Activated bread mix blend thats packed full of goodness in a way that your body can absorb easily. The spices boost digestibility so that you are taking care of gut health on many levels.


This blend has been formulated so that you still have the ability to create your own flavor profiles using ingredients you have in your fridge and pantry while providing a nutrient rich base so start with. Bake it straight out of the packet or add endless combinations of other ingredients- you are in control.


Keto, Paleo, Low Carb and Vegan friendly


  • No fillers including rice, soy, corn, arrowroot or psyllium husk
  • Made from grain-free, gluten-free ingredients
  • No nasties & no added sweeteners
  • Yeast free

Makes upto 2x 400g loaves

Activated Pumpkin Power Bread Mix



    Avg.  per


    Avg. per


    Avg. serving baked

    water, eggs

    Energy 207kJ 1660kJ 344kJ
    Protein 3.4g 29.6g 6.7g
    Fat, Total 2.2g 17.9g 4.4g
    -Saturated 0.5g 4.1g 1.2g
    Carbohydrate 1.9g 15.2g 2.4g
    -Sugars 0.4g 3.5g 0.6g
    Sodium 140mg 1120mg 186mg


    Servings per package : 20

    Serving size 12.5g Dry : 43g Baked