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Activated bread bake at home mix
Activated Bread Mix

Introducing the first Fully Activated bread mix blend ever to hit the market! 


This one of a kind blend allows you to bake your own nutrient-rich loaf without fuss and mess.


All the nuts and seeds have been activated to allow the release of nutrients to assist those who have compromised digestive systems or those who are sensitive to non-activated ingredients.


This blend is smooth and versatile with spices that boost digestibility so that you can take care of your gut health on many levels.

Recipe Ideas [Coming Soon]
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Organic Bread Mix

Crunchy and full of flavour this mix is for you if you are particular about chemical free-living. 


Bake it your way - sweet or savoury, plain or pack it full of other goodies from your fridge and pantry. With enticing spices like cinnamon, cardamom and cumin, it delivers all the beneficial health properties that spices are known for and makes a beautifully aromatic loaf,

This blend has crunchy seeds for added goodness.

Recipe Ideas [Coming Soon]
Spice and seed grain free bread
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Walnut grain free bread made at home
Everyday Bread Mix

Simple, easy and healthy! If you want the luxury of home baked bread without the hassle, this mix is for you. This blend has been formulated so that you still have the ability to create your own flavor profiles using ingredients you have in your fridge and pantry while providing a nutrient rich base to start with.


Bake it straight out of the packet or add endless combinations of other ingredients- you are in control. Without cheap fillers, pseudo grain or anything that you can't pronounce to hinder your efforts to stay healthy, each ingredient has been carefully chosen to give you maximum nutrition and taste. 

Recipe Ideas [Coming Soon]
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Organic Latte Mixes

We have a delicious range of healthy drink mixes that are easy to prepare and healthy to drink. Using all organic ingredients and potent spice blends these latte mixes are so easy to make. Keeping with our belief that nothing should be added unless it has health benefits, you will find only premium quality ingredients in all our latte mixes.


Just mix with your choice of hot milk and stir. We have not added any sweetener so that you have the control and the choice.


Recipe Ideas [Coming Soon]
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